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User feedback

We are excited and overwhelmed about what users said about our Klic-System:

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Take your chance

Motivation to go! Listen to this great speech and you will move mountains. Just like we do it for #CleanSport:

A new star is born

We are pleased to introduce the third kit in our Klic product family. The Klic10 has been specially designed and developed for the blood collection and is of course equipped with Lockcon’s usual security and authenticity features. Simplicity and handling are further convincing arguments for the new Klic10. Try it out!

Integrity of the Klic system is the only one tested and successfully passed

Trust is not only simply written in our slogan, but we live it. For this reason, our systems have undergone various tests at recognized laboratories and test organizations, all of which have passed with flying colors. These really thorough tests have covered the following topics:

1. Material tests – integrity tests
2. Stability tests
3. Safety tests
4. Manipulation tests
5. Authenticity tests

Thanks to these really consistently positive results, we are also able to refute some of the myths that keep coming up in the market, such as glass versus plastic:

The extensive integrity tests in particular have at no time revealed any difference between the samples stored in the glass container or in the plastic container in terms of unchanged analysis results. This is also true after all aging and application processes have been simulated. The result was always the same – NO difference. We can say that the Klic100 has been tested more extensively in terms of adsorption and migration (integrity) than any other product on the market.

We endeavor to check every statement we make and have it verified externally and by experts. Transparency and sound statements are firmly anchored in our core values. We are pleased to see that the new “medical grade” plastic offers only advantages. Light, extremely stable and break-proof and stable analysis values.

Case Study about one of our additional security features

Authenticity at it’s best….we do not only talk about the highest security in the market, we live and focus on it. Read more about one of those interesting features in the case study from our partner ScanTrust:


Official Partner of NADA Germany

We are more than pleased and honoured of being officially listed as a partner from NADA Germany.

Check it out:


Lockcon's Klic100 successfully in use!

FIS Cross country explains in a very informative and comprehensive video the doping control procedures.

Congratulations for this impressive work and we are very proud and excited that our system Klic100 from Lockcon is part of this success.

Watch full video:



It all started with a good idea, with a great concept and with innovative minds.
Out of this came a prototype that made a lasting impression in a field test.
But take a look for yourself: