Use and Procedure

Instructional video Klic100 Urine

Instructional video Klic10 blood


Check before use​

  1. Check the box and make sure that the opening-perforation is untouched and complete.
  2. Check that all the kit components have the same unique ID-Number.


  1. Open the box by tearing off the perforation of the box.
  2. Take the bottles and caps out (avoid touching the inside).
  3. Pour the requested amount of urine into each bottle (B-sample: 30 ml lower end of blue label. A-sample: 60 ml upper end of red label).
  4. Take the red cap and close the red-labeled bottle by turning clockwise. Proceed with the blue cap the same way.
  5. Use the watertight bags for shipment to the laboratory. Place each closed bottle in one bag and close the bag by tearing off the white liner on top and press it firmly, ensure that each bag has an absorbent sachet.
  6. You may place the bottles back into the box. To enlarge the compartments, fold down the inlays.
  7. To close the box, lead the upper front-end underneath the front side of the bo

Partial sample

If you cannot provide enough urine (90 ml) at one time, you need to intermediately seal the collected urine. Take a uniquely numbered security void tape and place it over the closed screw cap of the urine collection vessel.

Terms of use

The systems from Lockcon Ltd must be used prior to the expiry date and exactly as per the instructions published on our website. Do not use damaged, incomplete, expired, tampered or otherwise unfit sets or components. In no event Lockcon Ltd shall be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use or misuse of its products.

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