Lockcon secure container

Antidoping testing human sports

When it comes to the integrity of the athletes and the event, no compromises should be made. Lockcon AG’s transport and storage systems are not only tamper-proof, but also equipped with the latest authentication standards. This means that your collected sample can be verified at any time whether it is sealed in a original container of the Lockcon AG system.

In addition, Lockcon systems always took into account the needs of the laboratories during subsequent sample analysis. We paid special attention to simple handling, the dimensions for the existing infrastructure and clean opening of the containers.

Should you wish to add your logo to the kit, adjust the type of the unique numbering or having any other requirement, we can customize it. Beyond that, the level of authenticity verification and manipulation security can be chosen according to your individual needs.

urine testing equipment

Klic100 gold kit, contains 2 containers (A&B)

Klic100 gold kit complete, contains 2 containers (A&B), including 1 urine collection vessel

intermediate sealing

blood testing equipment

Klic10 gold kit, contains 2 containers (A&B)

Klic10 gold single, contains 1 container

DBS – Dry Blood Spot kit

Additionally, we offer a complete assortment of accessories for taking blood samples such as tubes, needles, gloves and much more.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements