Equipment for a secure transport

Transport accessories

At Lockcon AG, we do not compromise when it comes to transport accessories and only work with market leaders and proven suppliers. To ensure that Lockcon AG’s tamper-proof sample containers can be shipped correctly, we offer you the following items for transport:

Temperature monitoring device

The Libero product family has been a market leader for decades in various markets such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, cosmetics, plants, etc. worldwide. Libero is also a well-known solution in the world of anti-doping activities. The data upload into the ADAMS platform works perfectly.

Libero CL (reusable)

PDF logger with internal NTC sensor Lifetime: 400 days, multiple use Measuring range: -35 °C to +70 °C / memory capacity: 16’000 measured values Connection: USB validation certificate based on ELPRO Lot Acceptance Test

Libero CS (disposable)

Multi-level PDF logger with internal NTC sensor, single use, 8 alarm zones, MKT and time alarm connection: USB, creates PDF report with alarm statistics & temperature curve Expiry date according to label (Auto-Expiry)

The simple and extremely flexible programmability of the individual devices covers all your needs. The possibilities range from pre-programmed devices to self-programmable ones.

Cooling boxes

With our solutions you cover all applications. Whether with self-cooling transport boxes, which are designed for a trouble-free in-competition-testing or the boxes with pre-conditioned elements fit perfectly for any out-of-competition testing. The systems are all already successfully in use and are extremely popular because of their simplicity.


The well-known system on the market with the self-cooling element at the touch of a button without any pre-conditioning. This cool box keeps your sample cool at 2-8°C for 48 hours for rapid transport to the laboratory.

Pre-conditioning cooling bags

The box holds your samples cool for 48hours. To use the box several times you can transport it in an outer security transport bag.

Security transport bags

The security bags are for the transport of sealed containers and also for the cool boxes. If you wish to have the shipment sealed again, this is the right choice for you.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements